Former Wines

These wines have been in my cellar at some point, but they’ve either been consumed, auctioned off/sold, etc:

White Wines


509 Wines 2009 Viognier (Walla Walla Valley)
Airfield Estates 2008 Unoaked Chardonnay (Yakima Valley)
Airfield Estates 2009 Unoaked Chardonnay (Yakima Valley)
Baer Winery 2008 Shard (Stillwater Creek Vineyard)
Baer Winery 2010 Shard (Columbia Valley)
Baroness Cellars 2008 Semillon (Yakima Valley)
Barrage Cellars 2008 Riesling (Yakima Valley)
Bartholomew 2008 Cuvée Blanc (Columbia Valley)
Bartholomew 2008 Railway White (Columbia Valley)
Bartholomew Winery 2008 Sauvignon Blanc (Columbia Valley)
Black Diamond Winery 2008 Müller Thurgau (Puget Sound)
Cooper A Red Mountain Winery 2009 Pinot Gris (Columbia Valley)
Cor Cellars 2008 Sauvignon Blanc (Columbia Gorge)
Darby Winery 2008 “le deuce” (Columbia Valley)
Desert Wind Winery 2007 Riesling (Columbia Valley)
Di Stefano Winery 2009 Sauvignon Blanc (Columbia Valley)
Domaine Pouillon 2008 Deux (Columbia Valley)
Edmonds Winery 2008 Rhapsody (Columbia Valley)
Farm Boy 2008 Viognier (Snipes Mountain)
Fidélitas 2008 Optu White Wine (Columbia Valley)
Fidélitas 2008 Semillon (Columbia Valley)
Flying Dreams 2009 Coquette Sauvignon Blanc (Columbia Valley)
Flying Dreams 2010 Sauvignon Blanc (Columbia Valley)
Forgeron Cellars 2009 Ambiance (Columbia Valley)
Gård Vinters 2008 Riesling (Columbia Valley)
The Ghost of 413 2008 Riesling (Columbia Valley)
Gifford Hirlinger 2010 Estate Pinot Gris (Walla Walla Valley)
Gilbert Cellars 2008 Riesling (Columbia Valley)
Guardian Cellars 2009 Angel Sauvignon Blanc (Columbia Valley)
Harbinger Winery 2008 Viognier (Rattlesnake Hills)
Hudson Shah 2009 Viognier (Red Mountain)
Icicle Ridge Winery 2009 White Riesling
L’Ecole No 41 2009 “Walla Voila” Chenin Blanc (Columbia Valley)
Martinez & Martinez Winery 2009 Roussanne (Horse Heaven Hills)
Mercer Estates 2008 Sauvignon Blanc (Columbia Valley)
Olsen Estates 2008 Blanc Des Coteaux (Yakima Valley)
Page Cellars 2008 Sentimental Blonde Sauvignon Blanc (Red Mountain)
Rôtie Cellars 2010 Southern White
Sleight of Hand Cellars 2010 Magician (Columbia Valley)
Syncline 2008 Roussanne (Horse Heaven Hills)
Ward Johnson 2009 Counterbalance Chardonnay (Columbia Valley)
Woodinville Wine Cellars 2009 Sauvignon Blanc (Columbia Valley)


David Hill Vineyards & Winery 2009 Estate Pinot Gris (Willamette Valley)
Erath Winery 2008 Oregon Pinot Gris
Erath Winery 2008 Quail Run Pinot Blanc
Marchesi Vineyards 2009 Anjola Pinot Grigio
Maresh Vineyards 2007 Chardonnay (Red Hills Vineyard)
Naked Winery Foreplay Uncorked Chardonnay (Columbia Valley)
Naked Winery 2007 Pinot Gris (Rogue Valley)
Phelps Creek Vineyards 2008 Estate Reserve Chardonnay (Columbia Gorge)
Rex Hill 2007 Oregon Chardonnay (Willamette Valley)
Sokol Blosser Evolution
The Four Graces 2008 Pinot Gris (Dundee Hills)
The Pines 1852 2008 Satin (Columbia Gorge)
The Pines 1852 2008 Viognier (Columbia Valley)


Ferrari Carano 2008 Tré Terre Chardonnay (Russian River Valley)
South Coast Winery 2007 Reserve Chardonnay (Carter Estates Vineyards/Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2007 Semillon (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2008 Semillon (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2008 Roussanne (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2009 Chardonnay San Chêne (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2009 Pinot Grigio (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Musque Clone (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2010 Grenache Blanc (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2010 Pinot Grigio (Temecula Valley)
Wente Vineyards 2010 Morning Fog Chardonnay (Livermore Valley)
West 2006 Chardonnay (Dry Creek Valley)


Llano Estacado 2009 Viviana Superiore Cuvée (Lubbock County)


Yellow Tail Reserve 2008 Chardonnay “Special Edition”
Yellow Tail Reserve 2008 Pinot Grigio “Special Edition”


Kettle Valley Winery 2009 Pinot Gris (Similkameen Gravels)


2008 Abel Clément Côtes du Rhône Blanc
C’est La Vie 2008 Chardonnay Sauvignon (Vin De Pays)
Domaine des Malandes 2009 Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume Vieilles Vignes
E. Guigal 2009 Côtes du Rhône Blanc


Domaine Skouras 2008 Moscofilero (Peloponnese)


Ecco Domani 2009 Pinot Grigio (Venezie IGT)
Terre di Gioia 2009 Sauvignon Blanc (Friuli Grave)

South Africa

Spice Route 2007 Viognier
The Winery of Good Hope 2008 Vinum Africa Chenin Blanc (Stellenbosch)

Red Wines


2 Mountain Winery 2008 Lemberger (Rattlesnake Hills)
509 Wines 2007 Syrah (Walla Walla Valley)
Agate Field 2005 Moon Rider Sangiovese (Yakima Valley)
Airfield Estates 2008 Hellcat (Yakima Valley)
Airfield Estates 2008 Mustang (Yakima Valley)
Alexandria Nicole Cellars 2007 Jet Black Syrah (Columbia Valley)
Arbor Crest Wine Cellars 2009 Sangiovese (Wahluke Slope)
Bartholomew 2007 Cuvée Rouge (Columbia Valley)
Bartholomew 2007 Orsa (Columbia Valley)
Bartholomew 2007 Reciprocity (Horse Heaven Hills)
Bartholomew 2007 Railway Red (Columbia Valley)
Bartholomew 2008 Cabernet Franc (Horse Heaven Hills)
Bonair Winery 2006 Rattlesnake Hills Cabernet Franc (Château Puryear Vineyard)
Bonair Winery Bonnie Bonair
Brian Carter Cellars 2007 Tuttorosso (Yakima Valley)
Canoe Ridge 2007 Estate Grown Merlot (Columbia Valley)
Canoe Ridge 2009 Vineyard Select Cabernet Sauvignon (Columbia Valley)
Castillo de Feliciana 2008 Miercoles (Columbia Valley)
Castillo de Feliciana 2008 Tempranillo (Wahluke Slope)
Castillo de Feliciana 2010 Tempranillo Rosé (Wahluke Slope)
Christopher Cellars 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon (Yakima Valley)
Columbia Winery 2007 Red Willow Vineyard Sangiovese (Yakima Valley)
Cooper A Red Mountain Winery 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon (Walla Walla Valley)
Cooper A Red Mountain Winery 2008 L’inizio (Red Mountain)
Cooper 2009 Merlot (Red Mountain)
Cor Cellars 2008 Momentum (Horse Heaven Hills)
Côte Bonneville 2006 Carriage House (Yakima Valley)
Covington Cellars 2007 Prima Miscela (Columbia Valley)
Covey Run 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Columbia Valley)
Coyote Canyon Winery 2008 Life Is Rosé (Horse Heaven Hills)
Coyote Canyon Winery 2008 Primitivo (Horse Heaven Hills)
Coyote Canyon 2009 Tres Cruces (Horse Heaven Hills)
DeLille Cellars 1999 Chaleur Estate (Yakima Valley)
DeLille Cellars 2001 Doyenne (Yakima Valley)
DeLille Cellars 2001 D2 (Yakima Valley)
Desert Wind Winery 2007 Ruah (Columbia Valley)
DiStefano Winery 2004 Donna Maria (Columbia Valley)
DiStefano Winery 2005 Grenache (Columbia Valley)
DiStefano 2005 Meritage (Columbia Valley)
DiStefano Winery 2006 Domenica (Columbia Valley)
DiStefano Winery 2006 Sogno (Columbia Valley)
DiStefano Winery 2007 Ottimo Proprietor’s Reserve (Columbia Valley)
Distefano Winery 2007 Sigaro (Columbia Valley)
Distefano Winery DiStefano Red Wine (Columbia Valley)
Dineen Family Vineyards 2006 Heritage Red Wine (Yakima Valley)
Domaine Pouillon Katydid (Horse Heaven Hills)
Dumas Station 2007 Estate Bottled Cabernet Sauvignon (Walla Walla Valley)
Dussek Family Cellars 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon (Rattlesnake Hills)
Eaglemount Winery Rosé Wine
Eaglemount Winery 2007 Osprey
Elevation Cellars 2007 Monolith (Columbia Valley)
Elevage Wine Company 2008 Voo Doo (Columbia Valley)
Elle 2006 Syrah (Columbia Valley)
Fidélitas 2007 Jaguar Red Wine
Fidélitas 2007 Optu Red Wine (Columbia Valley)
Fidélitas 2009 Malbec (Columbia Valley)
Five Star Cellars 2008 Malbec (Walla Walla Valley)
Forgeron Cellars 2007 Barbera (Columbia Valley)
Furion Cellars 2007 The Dark Arts Syrah (Walla Walla Valley)
Furion Cellars 2007 Wicces Basium (Walla Walla Valley)
Gifford Hirlinger 2007 Estate Merlot (Walla Walla Valley)
Gifford Hirlinger 2008 Stateline Red (Walla Walla Valley)
Harbinger Winery Dynamo Red
Harbinger Winery 2008 Rosé De Mourvédre (Red Mountain)
Hightower Cellars 2008 Murray Cuvée (Columbia Valley)
Isenhower 2000 Red Paintbrush (Columbia Valley)
Kestrel Wines 2006 Merlot (Yakima Valley)
Kestrel Falcon Series Wines 2009 Rosé (Yakima Valley)
Kiona Vineyards & Winery 2005 Estate Bottled Lemberger (Red Mountain)
Kitzke Cellars 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon (Columbia Valley)
Lantz Cellars 2008 Malbec (Rattlesnake Hills)
Laurelhurst Cellars 2009 “El Humidor” Petite Sirah (Horse Heaven Hills)
L’Ecole No 41 2007 Estate Perigee (Seven Hills Vineyard – Walla Walla Valley)
Little Bear Creek 2007 Red Wine (Columbia Valley)
Martinez & Martinez Winery 2006 Cesár Red Wine (Horse Heaven Hills)
Martinez & Martinez Winery 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon (Horse Heaven Hills)
Martinez & Martinez Winery 2007 Cesár Red Wine (Columbia Valley)
Martinez & Martinez 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon (Horse Heaven Hills) – verified
Masset Winery 2006 le Petit Rouge (Columbia Valley)
Memaloose 2008 Rosé of Tempranillo (Columbia Gorge)
Milbrandt Vineyards 2010 Vineyard Series Grenache (Wahluke Slope)
Murphy’s Law 2006 Red Wine (Columbia Valley)
Northwest Totem Cellars 2007 Low Man Red (Columbia Valley)
Northwest Totem Cellars 2008 Cabernet Franc (Columbia Valley)
Northwest Totem Cellars 2008 Grenache (Yakima Valley)
Obelisco Estate 2009 Estate Grown Reserve Merlot (Red Mountain)
Obelisco Estate 2010 Estate Grown Cabernet Sauvignon – (Red Mountain)
Olsen Estates 2008 Petit Verdot (Yakima Valley)
Olsen Estates 2008 Red Wine (Yakima Valley)
Olsen Hills 2007 Vintage Malbec (Yakima Valley)
Olsen Hills 2008 Vintage Rosé (Yakima Valley)
Olympic Cellars Winery Working Girl Wines Our Handyman Red (Columbia Valley)
Page Cellars 2005 Libra De Carta (Columbia Valley)
Patit Creek Cellars 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon (Walla Walla)
Pomum Cellars 2007 Tinto (Columbia Valley)
Pontin Del Roza 2009 Dolcetto (Yakima Valley)
Portteus Vineyards 2008 Rattlesnake Red (Rattlesnake Hills)
Revelry Vintners 2007 Merlot (Columbia Valley)
Severino Cellars Severino Red Lot #2 (Yakima Valley)
Skylite Cellars 2010 Soireé (Columbia Valley)
Smasne Cellars 2007 Carmenère (Horse Heaven Hills)
Sorensen Cellars 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon
Sparkman Cellars 2007 Wilderness Red Wine (Columbia Valley)
Sparkman Cellars 2009 this old porch Rosé (Columbia Valley)
Stemilt Creek 2005 Cabernet Franc (Estate Grown)
Syncline 2010 Mouvedre (Red Mountain)
Tertulia Cellars 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon (Horse Heaven Hills)
The Ghost of 413 2007 Red Wine (Columbia Valley)
Thurston Wolfe 2007 Lemberger (Horse Heaven Hills)
Van Camp Cellars 2009 Portteus Vineyard Syrah (Rattlesnake Hills)
William Church 2008 Bishop’s Blend (Columbia Valley)
Woodward Canyon NV Red Wine (Columbia Valley)
Woodward Canyon 2008 Estate Barbera (Walla Walla Valley)
Woodward Canyon 2010 Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon (Columbia Valley)


Anam Cara Cellars 2011 Reserve Estate Pinot Noir (Chehalem Mountains)
Capa Blanca 2007 Pinot Noir Reserve (Willamette Valley)
David Hill Vineyards & Winery 2007 Barrel Select Estate Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)
Marchesi Vineyards 2007 Giuseppe Pinot Noir (Columbia Gorge)
Marchesi Vineyards 2008 Achille Barbera (Columbia Valley)
Marchesi Vineyards 208 Emma Sangiovese (Walla Walla Valley)
Montinore Estate 2009 Estate Reserve Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)
Naked Winery 2007 Pinot Noir
Naked Winery 2008 Rogue River Pinot Noir
Patton Valley Vineyards 2008 Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)
Patton Valley Vineyard 2009 10 Acre Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)
Patton Valley Vineyard 2009 deClassified Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)
Phelps Creek Vineyards 2008 Pinot Noir (Columbia Gorge)
Phelps Creek Vineyards 2009 Rosé of Pinot Noir (Columbia Gorge)
Sokol Blosser Meditrina
Stella Fino 2007 Rosso (Columbia Valley)
Stella Fino 2007 Sangiovese (Columbia Valley)
Stella Fino 2008 Luminoso (Walla Walla Valley)
Styring Vineyards 2008 Signature Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)
The Pines 1852 2007 Pinot Noir (Columbia George) – (event box)


Belle Glos 2009 Vintage Pinot Noir
Dante 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon/Reserve
Franciscan Estate 2008 Magnificat (Napa Valley)
Freestone 2006 Fog Dog Pinot Noir (Sonoma Coast)
Garnet 2010 Pinot Noir (Carneros)
Glass Mountain 2006 Merlot
Glass Mountain 2006 Syrah
Glass Mountain 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
Hahn Estates 2011 Pinot Noir (Monterrey)
Kenwood 2008 Jack London Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma Valley)
Kenwood 2008 Jack London Vineyard Merlot (Sonoma Valley)
Kenwood 2009 Jack London Vineyard Zinfandel (Sonoma Valley)
Rombauer Vineyards 1999 Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley)
South Coast Winery 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Block Blend (Wild Horse Peak Mountain Vineyards)
South Coast Winery 2005 Rolling Hills Estate Merlot (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2006 Cucamonga Valley Zinfandel (Jose Lopez Vineyards)
South Coast Winery 2006 Meritage (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2006 Wild Horse Peak Syrah (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2007 Cabernet Franc Reservoir Block (Wild Horse Peak Mountain Vineyards)
South Coast Winery 2007 Grenache (Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2007 Tempranillo (Carter Estate Vineyard/Temecula Valley)
South Coast Winery 2008 Tempranillo Mustang Knoll (Wild Horse Peak Mountain Vineyards)
South Coast Winery The Big Red Table “Second Edition” (Non-Vintage)
St. Francis 2011 Caro Santo (Sonoma Valley) – (new)
Tabalas Creek Vineyard 2010 Patelin de Tablas (Paso Robles)
Tallulah 2006 Syrah (Mt. Veeder)
Ty Caton 2012 The Ridge-Georges Malbec (Sonoma Valley)


Chateau O’Brien at Northpoint 2006 Northpoint Red ‘Cellar Collection’


Bodega Goulart 2009 Clásico Malbec (Mendoza)
Bodega Juan Benegas 2008 Malbec
Layer Cake 2008 Vintage Malbec (Mendoza)


St. Jakobi 2000 Shiraz (Barbossa Valley)


Kettle Valley Winery 2007 Cabernet Merlot (Naramata Bench)
Isabella Winery 2007 Syrah


PengWine Fairy 2006 Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec
PengWine Gentoo 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz
PengWine Humboldt Reserve 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Blend


Dingač Vinarija 2006 Plavac (Peljesac Peninsula)


Abel Clément 2009 Rosé of Grenache
Chateau Segonzac 2000 Vielles Vignes
Domaine Jean Royer 2010 Le Petit Roy (Vin de Table Français)
Georges Dubœuf 2009 Beaujolais-Villages
Georges Dubœuf 2009 Brouilly
George Dubœuf 2009 Juliénas Château des Capitans
Maison L’Aiglon 2008 Saint-Chinian Grand Reserve
Saint Cosme 2007 Saint-Joseph


Antinori 2009 Santa Cristina Sangiovese (Toscana IGT)
Baglio di Pianetto 2007 Ficiligno (Sicilia IGT)
Casa Vinicola Pietro Nera 2003 Sorèl (Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio IGT)
Cesari 2008 Mara Vino di Ripasso (Valpolicella Superiore)
Tenute Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di Grésy 2004 Martinenga Camp Gros (Barbaresco)


Bordegas Carchelo 2008 (Jumilla)
Crianzas y Viñedos Santo Cristo 2008 Granacha (Campo de Borja)
Miguel Torres 2006 Céleste Crianza (Ribera del Duero)
Miguel Torres 2007 Céleste Crianza (Ribera del Duero)
Terrai 2007 Syrah (Cariñena)
Torre de Barreda 2005 Tempranillo (Vino De La Tierra De Castilla)


Vineae Solis 2006 Sispada (Cannonau di Sardegna)

South Africa

Boekenhoutskloof 2007 Vintage The Chocolate Block
The Winery of Good Hope 2007 Vinum Africa Cabernet Sauvignon (Stellenbosch)

Blush Wines

Piety Flats 2007 Black Muscat – Washington

Fruit Wines

Black Diamond Winery 2008 Cranberry Wine – Washington
Black Diamond Winery 2008 Strawberry Rhubarb Wine – Washington
Harbinger Winery Blackberry Bliss – Washington
Harbinger Winery Cranberry Bliss – Washington

Dessert Wines

Erath Winery 2008 Sweet Harvest Pinot Blanc (Dundee Hills) – Oregon 
Kestrel Wines Special Edition 2007 Late Harvest Merlot – Washington
Pasek Cellars 2007 Late Harvest Viognier (Yakima Valley) – Washington
Olympic Cellars Winery 2007 My Sweet Syrah (Columbia Valley) – Washington
Thurston Wolfe 2006 JTW’s Port – Washington


South Coast Winery N.V. Black Jack Port – California

Champagne/Sparkling Wines

Argyle 2006 Brut (Willamette Valley) – Oregon
Bagrationi 2007 1882 Reserve Brut – Country of Georgia
Domaine Carneros 2007 Le Reve Blanc de Blancs Brut (Carneros)California
Domaine Carneros 2009 Brut Rosé (Carneros) – California
Domaine Carneros 2011 Brut Rosé (Carneros) – California
G. Chopin & Cie NV Lys Vert (Champagne) – France 
Georges et Roger Antech Blanquette de Limoux Réserve Brut – France 
Gusbourne Estate Blanc de Blancs (West Sussex) – England
Hubert Clavelin NV Brut-Comté (Crémant du Jura) – France
Jacques Chaput NV L’Authentic Brut (Champagne) – France
Paradise Ridge 2011 Blanc de Blanc (Sonoma County) – California
Sant Sadurni d’ Anoia Gran Gesta Brut Reserva Cava – Spain
South Coast Winery NV Ruby Cuvée (Temecula Valley) – California
Syncline 2010 Scintillation Blanc de Blanc Brut (Columbia Gorge) Washington

Beer from Local Breweries

Horse Heaven Hills Mustang Red (Prosser)

Current as of July 7, 2015


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