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Stems & Legs Wine Tasting Series

In the past, we have hosted many wine tasting events at our primary venue, The Edgewater Hotel. While we have not hosted an event at the Edgewater since mid 2013, we do look forward to returning soon. In the mean time, we will be hosting our regular tasting series at Wine Storage Bellevue’s Amoroso Room


11 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Hi, I’m interested in attending this event. How does it work? Does everyone taste at their own pace, or does everyone sit down and taste simultaneously? Can you show up at any time during the event, or does it need to be promptly at 6?

    • Thanks for your interest in the event. Everyone tastes at their own pace and you can show up anytime between 6pm – 9pm. I imagine you’ll probably need at least an hour and half to go through everything there 🙂

  2. Great Job on your site nicely laid out with good information.
    I totally missed getting a ticket to your event pouting… LOL
    You sure have a great day for it have fun and enjoy..


  3. Great job on the interview with DiStefano Winery’s winemaker Hillary Sjolund. The Video is almost done being uploaded. It’ll be yours probably tomorrow. You really plugged this event well. The nature of the weather kept some people out, but you know I had a blast. The Parallel Winos Live will be airing some killer interviews and you’re welcome to them too. Thanks Alex.

  4. Alex, fantastic meeting you the other day at the Bartholomew Winery event, Thursday April 28th. Great talking with you, love your viney insights. Talk soon,


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