Stems and Legs to get a new face lift in 2015


This year, I will be taking on the grand task of redesigning the Stems and Legs site. This will be the 3rd redesign, but the first time it will be done from scratch. It will be a huge task, but since I love doing this sort of thing, it will be enjoyable and well worth it in the end.

Why on earth would you do this????

Naturally, this would be the first question on some people’s mind, since it’s not an easy thing to do. However, if you’ve been a user, then you’ll fully understand. While it’s very easy to make simple blog posts, its not fitting my needs or what I want to present to you guys. I have a pretty big backlog of photos, videos, etc that I would like to post, but I’m very limited in my options and I don’t think sending you guys to an external website is very efficient. That’s just one of the many reasons for the move.

What things will we have to look forward to?

Not only will there be a new design and color scheme, there will be a section of pictures from various events that I have had the pleasure of attending, some of my favorite wines, and more. Also, there will be a new video content section. With video in mind, I plan on doing some more live tasting via Ustream (or similar service) as well as weekly content that can be viewed at your leisure. There will also be a few more things in store in terms of events and other things that I’m not ready to mention just yet as more research needs to be done.

That all sounds great, but how long is this going to take?

I’m not going to sugar coat this and say that this will take a few weeks. I’m anticipating that this project will take anywhere from 3-6 months with my current schedule. Along the way, I may release pieces of the website for you to preview and make comments along the way. When it’s all done, I’ll be transitioning the blog off of the Word platform to a more suitable platform or on its own.

Overall, I’m very excited about going in a new direction and I hope it provides are more rich viewing experience for you guys. Until then, keep drinking great vino!


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