Stems and Legs Heads to Sonoma/Napa


If you have been following my Twitter feed, then you’ll know that I let the cat out of the bag and finally made plans to make a trip to the lovely vineyard areas of Sonoma & Napa, CA. However, most expected me to make this trip in March. Well….. let’s just say, I couldn’t wait any longer. As I speak, I am waiting for my flight on United 1679 to San Francisco (SFO for you airport code junkies like myself).

This trip is part one of a two part series on the vineyards and wineries of Sonoma, Napa, and all parts in between. Part one will cover dates February 21-27 and part two will cover dates March 18 -24.

Well, it’s time for me to board the plane. Make sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up to date on my adventures. Until then….. 🙂


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