Cellar Management Day….Woohoo!

wine bottles in the cellar

A picture you won’t see too often

If you’ve been following my Twitter feeds or Facebook posts, you will occasionally see a post saying, “Cellar Management Day”. On most occasions, it’s as simple as adding a few wines in CellarTracker and putting them away in their appropriate boxes. Other times, it involves something a bit more massive. This is the day I dread every year, because it reminds me that I need to be a bit more diligent about keeping track of my wares 🙂 However, it is fun to see just how far my collecting has come.

What you see in the photo is roughly 4 years of a passion that started from something very simple. If you asked me 5 years ago if I would turn into a wine blogger & wine enthusiast, I would have flat-out told you, “Not at All!” But, this goes to show you that you really cannot predict what the future may hold for you. I have met a lot of passionate, talented, and entertaining winemakers along the way. They not only shared their passions for their art, but they brought out something within myself that I never knew was there.

Cellar management day is a pain in the ass and I dread it every single year. Having all this beautiful wine that I’ve shared with friends and loved ones has made it all worth it!

By the way….

My next cellar party is coming soon 😀 Until then, enjoy something in your glass!


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