The ones who really move the wine scene: Garagiste

This is the first of a series of stories where we’ll profile the people and/or companies who are really moving wine in the industry. As a CellarTracker user, you really start to notice things along the way. One of which is where users are buying their wine. That’s the inspiration for this series.

We’ve all bought wine at a grocery store, wine shop, or tasting room at some point. But what about those cult wines that seem to pop up out of no where? What about those diamonds in the rough that when you open them, you’re amazed at how great the wine is for the price you paid? Well, that’s what this is all about. For this series, I will feature websites/companies that move the wines that you’ll want in your cellars.


Matt Kowalczyk, Co-founder of the popular wine app (Apple/Android), turned me onto this website. Garagiste is an independent wine company that offers consumers deals on wines from around the world, specialty foods, and great olive oils that will make your friends jealous!

Jon Rimmerman (The New York Times article on Jon Rimmerman), the creative genius behind Garagiste (Seattle, WA), offers consumers a wide range of deals via email. Here is how it works. When you visit their website, you sign up on their mailing list to receive 1 or 2 daily emails on various wines they have to offer. The following is just a sample of what an offer looks like: garagiste_email

The great thing about Garagiste is the diverse selection of food and wine through their daily emails. In as little as a month, you can build a unique and diverse wine collection that will impress any of your wine friends. For example, if you were to take advantage of every deal they offered in the month of August, you would have acquired 41 different bottles of wine from 7 countries (various varietals) and 4 different food items.

If you’re interested in joining this unique wine community, all you have to do is sign up for their mailing list on Garagiste. We guarantee, you will not be disappointed!


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