Upcoming Events

May 23, 2013: #ChardonnayDay 2013Eastside Wine Storage, 2636 Bellevue Way NE, Suite A, Bellevue WA, 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Not that I need a good excuse to open up a bunch of wine, but May 23rd, 2013 happens to be the 4th Annual #ChardonnayDay. So what better way to celebrate my hard work in the cellar than to invite some friends over to the cellar and open up a bunch of Chardonnay wines :)  I will select a few wines and pair them with a few cheeses and possibly a few light appetizers (if I have time).

The event will go from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Attendees are more than welcome to bring their favorite Chardonnay wines to share and/or a food item that pairs well with Chardonnay. If you need help with food and wine pairing suggestions, AllRecipes has some ideas.

Throughout the event, attendees will be encourage to talk about the foods and wines from the event and just have a good time! RSVP is required for this event and its free to attend!

Cost: free
Tickets: Eventbrite

Current Projects (Updated May 13, 2013)

Stems and Legs Corks and Canvas Event 

We’re pleased to announce that Stems and Legs will be teaming up with Corks and Canvas in hosting paint parties. Corks and Canvas is established as one of the premier paint party companies in the area with events hosted in various locations monthly. We’re in the process of confirming all the details, but make sure to save the date for this event.

Stems and Legs Wine & Spanish Tapas Night

We are in the process of confirming all the details, but look forward to a great night of food and wine pairing featuring wines from Washington, Oregon, and Spain! At the moment, we’re moving this into the project category due to the complexities of this event. As soon as we have a date & all the wines in place, we’ll let you know!

Bacon & Wine TweetUp

What can be better than bacon & wine?! We’re making plans to host our very first bacon & wine tweet up. You’ll enjoy many different styles of bacon from traditional, turkey, smoked, cured, and even lamb! This is currently in the project phase while we gather the necessary details and recruit wineries. As soon as we have everything in place, we’ll let you know!

Stems & Legs Wine Tasting Series

Our main wine tasting series will be getting back on track over the course of the next few months. We had to make a few changes to make it more viable for wineries involved as well as attendees. We will also be putting a greater focus on bottle sales at events so attendees can take bottles at our events home with them. At the moment, we’re targeting March 2012 as our next event.

11 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Hi, I’m interested in attending this event. How does it work? Does everyone taste at their own pace, or does everyone sit down and taste simultaneously? Can you show up at any time during the event, or does it need to be promptly at 6?

    • Thanks for your interest in the event. Everyone tastes at their own pace and you can show up anytime between 6pm – 9pm. I imagine you’ll probably need at least an hour and half to go through everything there :)

  2. Great Job on your site nicely laid out with good information.
    I totally missed getting a ticket to your event pouting… LOL
    You sure have a great day for it have fun and enjoy..


  3. Great job on the interview with DiStefano Winery’s winemaker Hillary Sjolund. The Video is almost done being uploaded. It’ll be yours probably tomorrow. You really plugged this event well. The nature of the weather kept some people out, but you know I had a blast. The Parallel Winos Live will be airing some killer interviews and you’re welcome to them too. Thanks Alex.

  4. Alex, fantastic meeting you the other day at the Bartholomew Winery event, Thursday April 28th. Great talking with you, love your viney insights. Talk soon,


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